Actions can start to be confusing when you are trying to Roleplay. 

Some people might just say their actions but that can get confusing when some people also say what their character is saying.

A solution to this is *, QQ, VV, ::, and -

You might be wondering how we use these for roleplay... But it's actually quite simple.

You put one at the beginning and one at the end of your action.

Here is an example: *She scampered down the hill in a hurry, her tail streaming behind her like a kite in the wind.*

Or... QQ Her whiskers twitched as she sniffed the air and caught the scent of a squirrel.QQ

This will hopefully help you before you start doing your roleplaying!


You might want your character to speak but does plain old speaking seem too boring?

Use Quotation marks!

You might know what they are or you maybe don't, but for everyone's sake they are these: "

You might be confused... saying to the screen "WHAT WILL THESE DO?!"

Well, look right there. That's speech.

Quotation marks are used before a speech and after a speech.

Here are some examples: "Howdy, didn't expect to see you here Uikai..." *You said gritting your teeth*

"How did you manage to jump that high in the air?!"

As you can see I added an Action on the first example. Those can be fairly common and useful!

Speaking out of CharacterEdit

Now if you want to speak out of character... I recommend parentheses.

If you don't know what parentheses are they are these: ()

These are used to speak out of character and just out of character or it will be confusing.

Here are some examples of speaking out of character: (Oh my god I just saw a spider!)

((Why did I decide that putting milk near a computer was a good idea... especially when I have 4 cats..))

The last one there is an experience someone I know went through... It was a sad sight to see the computer die like that...